Senior Class Gift

After four years of studying and making many great friends and memories, seniors show their pride by giving back to the university through a contribution to the Senior Class Gift. The 2014 Senior Class Gift will be a donation to the Widener Fund. All gifts to the Widener Fund are now 100% dedicated to support financial aid for students in need.
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The Widener University Class of 2014 would like to thank the following for their contribution to the 2014 Senior Class Gift:

Luis Agular

Fred Akl


Brittany Bicking

Justin Blackwell

Elizabeth Braccia, dedicated to my loving parents and the faculty.

Bettina Burns, in recognition of my parents James Burns Sr. and Rachel L. Burns.

Samantha Cancell, dedicated to my parents Sue and Steve Cancell.

Steven & Susan Cancell, dedicated to Samantha Cancell.

Career Services, dedicated to our talented work study students: Chad Jones and Claire Maddocks.

Rebecca Cohen, dedicated to my parents.

Barbra & Glenn Collopy, dedicated to Gregory Collopy.

Donald Devilbiss

Michael & Marybeth Dunne, dedicated to Walker Dunne.

Brian Einstein, dedicated to Kathy Shapiro and Sylvan Einstein.

Salvatore R. Faia

Brian Frankowski, dedicated to the 2014 Senior Class Gift Committee for all your hard work!

Rachel Greco, dedicated to Mr. Carmen DiMatteo.

Caitlin Grobaker, dedicated to Mom, Dad & James.

James Grobaker, dedicated to Caitlin Grobaker. To my sister who followed me everywhere. Love The James

James & Margaret Grobaker, We are proud of our “favorite” daughter, Caitlin Grobaker.

Mary Halbur

President James T. Harris, dedicated to the Class of 2014 and Christina Delva.

Elizabeth Harrison

Gordon Henderson

Thomas Herrera, dedicated to Michael Peter Herrera.

Keith & Carla Hill, dedicated to Scott Hill.

Melvin Holmes

Elizabeth Housholder

Ethan Hughes, dedicated to Donald Mohn for his encouragement in my academic pursuits in science and engineering. He was a man of immense intellect and had a great heart.

Tom Hunter

Helene Huynh

Lauren Javie

Chad Jones

Alysa Kosteski

John & Terri Laverty
, dedicated to Erin K. Laverty.

Ashley Lloyd

Claire Maddocks

Spencer Markoe

Julie McLaughlin

Sara McManus, in honor of the 2014 Senior Class Gift Committee. I hope you surpass your goal and raise lots of money for future Widener students!

Kellie Medendorp, dedicated to Loretta Simons and Laurie and Jack Medendorp.

Scott Milden, dedicated to Steve and Wendy Milden.

David Mummah & Linda Yuill

Nathan Nodolski

Evan & Donna Oxner, dedicated to Alexander Oxner.

Margaret Parrott, dedicated to Meredith Parrott.

Meredith Parrott

Amy Pecsi

Angel Pereira, dedicated to Linda M. Pereira.

Courtney Pio

Michael & Pauline Pio, dedicated to Courtney Pio.

Shawlein Powell-French, dedicated to Beverlyn Murray Myron French II.

Jessica Prince, dedicated to the 2014 Senior Class Gift Committee.

Jessica Prince, dedicated to Juliana Prince. Jul, you have worked so hard to achieve this goal and overcame so many obstacles. Words cannot express how proud I am of you!

Juliana Prince

Emily Schnarrs

Theresa Shea

Jody & Debbie Shollenberger, dedicated to Amanda Shollenberger.

Erica Szpynda

Caitlyn Taboada

Robert Thompson

Kevin Tomko

Stephen & Janis Tomko, dedicated to Kevin Tomko.

Anthony Toscano, dedicated to Mom, Dad, Widener School of Business and Kappa Sigma.

Concetta Treglia, dedicated to Caitlin Grobaker. All of us are so proud of you. Love Cetta, Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop

John & Barbara Trosino, dedicated to Jeanette Trosino.

Rebecca Vaders

Nancy & Joseph Vizzard, dedicated to Veronica Vizzard ’14.

Frances Weaver

James & Martha Weisgerber, dedicated to Emily Griffin Weisgerber, with pride! Class of 2014, School of Education-from your loving family.

Frederick & Susan Wendt, dedicated to Sara M. Wendt.

Samuel Wilson

Albert Witlock

Emily Zidanic, dedicated to my wonderful parents, family and friends.

Dedications updated on April 4, 2014

What's New

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
Initial fundraising efforts have begun for the creation of a Widener/PMC Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame will shine the spotlight on some of the amazing students and coaches who have brought academic and athletic honor, recognition and distinction to our institution.   

Campaign Progress
Campaign Progress
Widener is entering a bold new era, and the support of alumni, parents, and friends is what moves the university forward. We have already passed $57 million of our $58 million goal.
Promising Futures Initiative
Promising Futures Initiative
Widener University has taken the lead in addressing the national problem of student debt and now designates all gifts to the Widener Fund to support financial aid. 
Meet the Class of 2013
Meet the Class of 2013
Click to see the video
Thanks to the support of alumni, friends, and family, the Class of 2013 is ready to take on the world. 
Communication, Informatics, and Computer Science Building
Communication, Informatics, and Computer Science Building
Construction is moving along at an amazing pace as the building takes shape before our eyes.  This new facility will establish Widener as a leader in these fast-growing areas of study.
Inaugural Class of Oskin Leaders Named
Inaugural Class of Oskin Leaders Named
Sixteen sophomores were selected for the inaugural class of Oskin Leaders.  The Oskin Leadership Institute was made possible through a gift from David '64 and JoEllen Oskin and their late son, David. 
Widener on the        Front Page of the Philadelphia Inquirer
Widener on the Front Page of the Philadelphia Inquirer
Widener's civic engagement partnerships with Chester made front page news in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Read all about it!

Who Gives

Honor Roll of Donors
Honor Roll of Donors
Thank you to all our donors from FY2012!

George '92 and Nancy Hassel
George '92 and Nancy Hassel
George Hassel '92, Associate Vice President for Compliance and Risk Management, and his wife Nancy are longtime givers to the university, but Taking the Lead ~ the Campaign for Widener inspired them to step up their giving and endow a scholarship in their name. 
Cynthia Sarnoski '74
Cynthia Sarnoski '74
Widener Board of Trustee member Cynthia H. Sarnoski '74 , endowed a science faculty fellowship which was recently awarded for the first time to Dr. Hemlata Mistry, who will use fruit flies to engage in research on spinal cord injuries. 
Jeanne Gelman, Professor Emerita
Jeanne Gelman, Professor Emerita
A faculty member in the nursing department for 24 years, Jeanne Gelman demonstrates her heart-felt commitment and respect for the mission of the university and its students by giving generously to Widener. 
Phil Martelli '76
Phil Martelli '76
head coach of the St. Joseph’s University basketball team, credits his Widener education with making him a better student, coach, community leader, and person.
Vito Verni '61
Vito Verni '61
Vito and his wife Marylou are members of the Moll League of the Widener’s Lifetime Giving Society.  Induction into the Moll League indicates cumulative lifetime gifts to the university of $100,000 to $249,000. 
Tim Speiss '83, '89
Tim Speiss '83, '89
has shown his support of the university and students in the School of Business in countless ways, one of the most significant is his creation of the Timothy P. Speiss Endowed Fund for the Promotion of Responsible Global Business Principles.
Dan Borislow '84
Dan Borislow '84
Alumnus Dan Borislow '84 established memorial scholarships to Widener in honor of victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
James Mack '85
James Mack '85
Jim Mack and his wife Debra Kurucz have given multiple gifts in support of the campaign.
Savas  and Liz Ozatalay
Savas and Liz Ozatalay
School of Business Dean Savas Ozatalay and his wife Liz made the generous decision to endow a scholarship.  Their gift will help remove a financial obstacle for a student in need.
Marye O'Reilly-Knapp
Marye O'Reilly-Knapp
earned her doctorate in nursing from Widener in ’91 and later returned to the university as a faculty member. 

Why Give

Widener Partnership Charter School
Widener Partnership Charter School
There is no more shining example of Widener University’s commitment to  the City of Chester and its residents.
Amir Farag '16
Amir Farag '16
When you give to the Widener Fund, you support the Promising Future of students like Amir Farag '16.  Amir grew up in Chester and is determined to use his education and experience to give back to his community. He majors in computer science and is inspired by the faculty and mentors he has met at Widener.
Samina Martin '13
Samina Martin '13
When you give to the Widener Fund, you support the Promising Future of students like Samina Martin '13.  Samina is vice-president of her sorority and active in the Pride Mentor Program, where she helps freshmen to get the most out their Widener experience.
are an integral part of the Widener experience. Sponsorships and contributions from former athletes, parents and friends of the university are instrumental in keeping our teams strong.
Spencer Ng '15
Spencer Ng '15
When you give to Widener, you invest in the Promising Future of students like Spencer. This biochemistry/pre-med student plans on a career as a primary care physician working with low-income patients.