Biology student observing turtles in lab

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A collage of the year's top photos

2020 Year in Review

COVID-19 has certainly shaped 2020. But it’s not the only noteworthy event from this past year. Before we welcome 2021, we’re taking a look back at this extraordinary year, and the remarkable role Widener played in it.

Laboratory photo of gloved hand working with beakers

Making the Cut with CRISPR

Where can you use Nobel Prize-winning “genetic scissors” to research the impact of heat stress on commercial chickens or fat formation in fruit flies and humans? In Widener’s undergraduate biology and biochemistry labs.

Person filming one of the hosts of the virtual Veterans Parade show in the TV studio

The Parade Must Go On

Two Widener alumni, and their digital marketing company, helped bring Philadelphia’s virtual Veterans Parade to life. They got some help from fellow Widener graduates, current students, faculty, and campus facilities.